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      Model: 210
      Explain: 210
      Added time: 2017-07-27
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      Suitable for laptops and desktops
      Rugged, 5V active high-quality 2.0 speakers
      Support magnetically shielded, 3.5 audio interface
      Interface: USB+3.5 audio interface
      Basic Info.
      Dimension: 123mm×55mm×62mm single:61.5*61.5*55mm
      Surface shell material ABS
      Under cover material ABS
      The shell color Red or orange
      Weight 174g
      PCB 8002A
      Speaker structure type Standard 2.0 speakers
      Main Performance Parameters
      Maximum allowable current   5VDC,33 mA 10VDC,100mA
      Jedi resistance between two lines  500V>1MW
      Two-wire terminal contact resistance <0.1/cm
      SNR 80db  
      Sound track 2.0 sound track systom
      Distortion ≤0.5% 1W 1KHz 
      Speaker Impedance  ,3W ,32magnetic
      Audio interface standard 3.5 audio interface, support magnetically shielded
      Environmental Conditions
      Aambient temperature 0~45
      Working Storage Temperature -10~60
      Working Humidity 45% ~ 90% non-condensing
      Sweep Test 10Hz ~ 55Hz ~ 10Hz 0.38 mm amplitude
      Drop test 0.76 meters, in addition to the product line of free fall 5 times
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