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      Model: 230U
      Explain: 230U
      Added time: 2017-07-28
      Views: 321
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      Basic Info
      Mouse Size 100*67*36MM
      Button Material ABS
      Low cover Material ABS
      LENS Transparent PC
      Weight 75g
      Optical chip MX8732 or CS4532
      Mouse structure types Optical mouse 3D
      Mechanical sensitivity 1000 DPI
      The micro switch pressure 60-75g
      Switch life ≥3000000 times
      Encoder life ≥1000000 times
      LED Light 10000-12000mcd
      Interface USB,PS/2
      Operating system Support WINDOWS/95, 98, ME, NT, XP, WIN7/8/10
      Environmental conditions
      Aambient temperature 0~45
      Working Storage Temperature -10~60
      Working Humidity 45% ~ 90% non-condensing
      Sweep Test 10Hz ~ 55Hz ~ 10Hz 0.38 mm amplitude
      Drop test 0.76 meters, in addition to the product line of free fall 5 times
      Electrical Specifications
      The maximum permissible current: 30VDC, 33 mA 10VDC,100mA
      two lines between the resistance:  500V>1 MW
      two line terminal contact resistance: <0.1/cm
      The key operating pressure: 60-350g/cm
      the work environment temperature: -10-60 
      Life circle >2,500,000 times
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