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      Model: 6W005
      Explain: 6W005
      Added time: 2017-07-29
      Views: 894
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      Basic Info
      Mouse Size 117*63*37 mm
      Button Material ABS
      Low cover Material ABS
      LENS Transparent PC
      Weight 55g
      Channel number 64
      Optical chip MX8732 or CS4532
      working voltage 2V-3V
      The working frequency 2.400GHz-2.483GHz
      Mechanical interpretation 1000 DPI
      Operating system Support WINDOWS/95, 98, ME, NT, XP, WIN7/8/10
      Receiver & Battery
      Receiver interface type USB 1.1/USB 2
      Receiver working voltage 5V ± 5%
      Receiver working current <100mA
      Battery 7 cell (AAA) * 2
      Sleep Mode&Wake up
      Sleep Mode no mouse operation after about 10 minutes will automatically enter the sleep state power
      Sleep Wake Up press the left mouse button to wake up
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